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Hey guys. Not a newbie to using auto layout. I've used it on two machines for a couple of years. My yellow machine stopped dotting. Easy fix right? Make dot bigger. Nope. Adjust cable. Nope. Move gun. Nope. Lower pressure. Nope. Switch guns. Nope. Verify movement at trigger. Check Verify movement at solenoid. Check Verify spraying with solenoid. Check, works just fine. It just seems like it won't open the trigger far enough to put paint down. I just used it last week to layout and it worked fine. I'm all out of ideas and could use any that the experts have. Thanks in advance! Pressure between 1200 and 1500 psi Latex paint cable adjusted with less than 1/8 play....any tighter and it drools. No kinks in cable that I can find Dot set on largest one (normally use 3rd or 2nd largest). Cleaned out machine and new filter last week. I'm left wondering if the solenoid is going bad?
Category: Paving Post By: Jim Martin (Tulsa, OK), 01/22/2020

Seems like the contenuiom transfuctioner is toast.

- CATHY DAVIDSON (Fresno, CA), 01/31/2020

Check to see if there is any play in the trigger acuator.Where the auto cable attaches, pull back on the trigger asembly to see if there is any play. It should be almost tight with no play in it at all. Do you have a double auto guns, does the other solinod work? Sorry for the spelling errors its almost 5am. Just notice you said the gun drools. When did you rebiuld the gun last ? The packing kit in the gun could be going bad. You only really notice it while using the auto guns

- MINNIE PADILLA (Avondale, AZ), 01/31/2020

Originally posted by Vadim View Post Seems like the contenuiom transfuctioner is toast. I checked that, the canuter valve, and the muffler bearing tonight....still no joy.

- JUAN COLLINS (North Charleston, SC), 01/31/2020

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