Forum Title: About 3 weeks into autolayout and laser guidance
I had no idea how far the auto layout and laser system had come and how useful it is until I stumbled onto this forum looking for tricks to help me keep up when I lost some good help. I already had 2 auto layout linelazer 5s with 1 auto gun that I setup as my yellow guns strictly for painting skip lines on our city trails. After reading all the praise I bought 2 more 5s with autolayout and gl1000 setups. I can't express how happy I am to not have to snap a million lines by myself on a daily basis. I can get so much more done now. 1 thing that was still a thorn in my side was snapping baselines. I fixed that problem today by installing my first of 2 chalk liners custom made by our own Jim the linepainter. If you havent sprung for 1 yet in telling you you're wasting time and energy and because of that leaving money on the table. It's a simple device that works like a charm and should be on at least 1 machine on every crew...I love the thing. Now my issues and plea for help! Every time i setup and start painting with the laser be it day or night...things start out great and I'm cruising along with nice pretty straight lines...until I paint my first long line be it a center line or lane divider doesnt matter. I paint it and look back to admire an arrow like straight line and am faced with a bowed line I would never paint without the laser. First of all how can a laser send me out 8 inches in the center of the line and end up back on target at the end. I am so focused on keeping that laser perfectly centered that I dont even notice I'm so far out of line but when I end the laser is still on the mark and the mark is dead center in my paint line. Needless to say I snap a 200 foot line and recalibrate my laser check it about 15 times and resume painting with no more issues. When done I make sure all the knobs and adjustment screws are still tight stow away the laser in close as I can to the mount and load it in my trailer make sure nothing is touching and everything is secure and head out. Before I pull it out I check to make sure the laser hasnt touched anything check the knobs and adjustment screws paint a few stalls and look to make sure they look straight and everything is good until I paint that center line again and bam it's out again and I go through the same process of calibrating and the rest of the long lines are straight. It's super frustrating to have to calibrate the laser almost every jo and it always seems to be off a fair amount . What the heck is going on? Am I not getting the thing truly calibrated does the vibration just throw it off that much to where I just need to calibrate before every job...and how in the world does a laser bend to take me on a perfect arch of a ride. Anyone else go through these frustrations to begin with and how did you over come it? What do I need to change or watch or whatever? Lastly buy a chalk wont regret it. I cant believe how happy it made me today...I almost didnt care about my laser needing calibration again...almost! Chapter 2... Jk
Category: Paving Post By: DOLORES WONG (Longmont, CO), 01/24/2020

If you are getting a bow in your line after you think your good, go to a long flat area I use a drive lane. Draw a chalk line down the drive lane for close to two hundred feet. Look at the line, if it is bent go back the begining slightly off your existing line. aim the laser in the box and slightly adjust the laser toward the bend. Its only takes a 1/4 turn of the little knobs for micro adjustments. Rechalk a line, keep doing this until there is no bend. Sometmes its fast but other times it has taken me ten lines to get it dead balls acurate. As far as bouncing out of alignment, make sure to always put the laser out as far as you calibrated. If you calibrated it 15 inches off the machine then only use it around that distance. If you move it 2ft off the machine then you need to recalibrate it again. I keep mine on my machine all the time. About once every two weeks I have to adjust it slightly or if I hit a bollard. I am glad the chalk liner is working for you.

- CHRISTINE CAMPBELL (Bellevue, NE), 01/31/2020

Originally posted by jsf343 View Post can you explain this chalk liner more? what does it do, how much is it, etc. or do you have a video? seems I remember this being discussed in an earlier thread but don't recall much about it. You use it with the line laser to install chalk lines rather than snapping them. I make and sell them. See the attached video

- JIMMIE BALL (Great Falls, MT), 01/31/2020

can you explain this chalk liner more? what does it do, how much is it, etc. or do you have a video? seems I remember this being discussed in an earlier thread but don't recall much about it.

- BESSIE VAUGHN (Milpitas, CA), 01/31/2020

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